In the dynamic landscape of the mining industry, several critical factors are reshaping its future. Battery metals, resource nationalism, local transformation, transparency, digitalization, climate change, and social license to operate are among the pivotal economic, social, and political challenges and trends influencing the sector.

At our firm, we take pride in offering clients access to one of the largest and most experienced teams of mining specialists with a dedicated focus on Africa. Positioned at the forefront of industry trends, our mining team actively contributes to shaping partnerships and developments that align with the evolving landscape. We serve both States and private companies, navigating Africa’s mining sector through the radical shifts in global market demand.

Comprising professionals from diverse backgrounds, our team possesses comprehensive knowledge of the strategic, technical, and commercial drivers within the mining industry. With a notable presence in key African jurisdictions, our effective on-the-ground engagement allows us to provide unparalleled insights.

Our platform empowers us to advise on all facets of mining developments across the continent. This includes projects integrating shared infrastructure to unlock remote regions, innovative legal structuring and financial arrangements, as well as energy and infrastructure initiatives tailored for or driven by the mining industry. Through our strategic counsel and dynamic approach, we aim to assist clients in navigating the multifaceted challenges and opportunities defining the future of mining in Africa.