Energy, Natural and Renewable

The future of Africa’s economic prosperity hinges on the development of its energy sector. Facilitating access to universal, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy is a primary objective for numerous African governments, representing a critical need in the region.

Tackling the complex challenges within the energy sector demands innovative solutions. Our team possesses a profound understanding of the economic, social, and technical landscapes influencing both public and private actions in this expansive sector. We offer invaluable advice to guide our clients as they play a pivotal role in navigating the rapidly changing dynamics of African Energy and Power sectors.

As one of the leading teams in African Energy, our expertise spans across diverse projects, from the world’s largest hydroelectric endeavor in the DRC to significant geothermal initiatives in Kenya. Our capabilities cover the entire spectrum of thermal and renewable technologies, encompassing solar, wind, biomass, and gas-fired projects. We provide counsel to governments, project developers, multilateral institutions, and other stakeholders involved in projects of varying scope and size, reflecting the diversity of energy markets across Africa.